Over time, Integrity has added the ability to take apart the bodies of the dolls, both to allow added expression (hands) and to enable a collector to return only the broken body part required to Patient Care.


Currently these are the bodies that are fully “explodable” (The word used to describe the bodies that can be taken apart).

  • FR2013 *see note below (as of the 2014 Safari inspired Fashion Royalty Collection)
  • FR6.0
  • NuFace 2.0
  • NuFace 3.0
  • Homme 1.5
  • Poppy Parker 1.5
  • Meteor 1.0
  • Monarchs 1.0
  • The Industry 1.0
  • East 59th 1.0
  • Color Infusion 1.5 / JEM (Starting in 2020)
  • Color Infusion 1.0 is partially explodable. It does not come apart at the hips or torso/breast joint.
NuFace 2.0 body


The FR2013 body did not become explodable until the 2014 Safari inspired collection. The following FR2013 dolls are not explodable (list may not be complete)

  • A Touch of Frost Eugenia Perrin-Frost (2013 W Club Exclusive)
  • The 2014 Premier Convention Fashion Royalty dolls including
  • Paparazzi Darling Adele Makeda
  • W Cosmetics Hair Care Elise Jolie
  • Midnight Star Elise Jolie
  • Dangerous To Know Kyori Sato
  • Black Orchid Vanessa Perrin
  • Bellissima Natalia Fatale
  • Nightfall Agnes Von Weiss
  • Brazen Beauty Natalia Fatale
  • Bewitching Veronique Perrin
  • Breathless Veronique Perrin
  • Bittersweet Eugenia Perrin-Frost
FR2013 body


Some dolls from the 2014 W Club year may or may not be explodable — Be careful if you try! If anyone can confirm these dolls, please let me know and I’ll update this list.

  • Edge Vanessa Perrin
  • Rare Appearance Dania Zarr
  • Ombres Poétique Mademoiselle Jolie