A look at the men of Integrity

  • Homme 1.0 – The Homme body debuted in 2006 with several incarnations of Francisco Leon and Pierre Devries. Feet were not removable, but hands may have been (I’ll test and update!. Around 2012, the Homme 1.0 body had a change of feet to the current Homme foot we are used to today. These feet were still not removable.
  • Homme 1.5 – The Homme 1.5 body has little changed from the Homme 1.0 body apart from being fully explodable. This change was made in the 2017 WClub year.
  • Monarch 1.0 – Over five years of development and male dolls showing up in all the lines but the original Fashion Royalty crew of Francisco, Pierre, Darius, Romain and Victor James, the Monarchs brought a slightly taller, more slender body to the men of Integrity, and brought back Romain unchanged, and Darius … well, definitely changed. The body complements the still-going Homme 1.5 well for an aesthetic change to the men and is fully explodable. Like the CI girls and Meteor, the Monarchs are no slouch in the bubble butt department.
Homme 1.0

  • The Homme 1.0 body was not explodable and went through two interations of feet.
  • The 2nd foot sculpt appeared around 2012 and is identifiable by the lack of a space between the big toe and the second toe.
Homme 1.5

  • The Homme 1.5 body is fully explodable and exactly the same silhouette as the 1.0 body.
The Monarchs

  • The Monarchs body was initially sometimes called Homme 2.0, but Integrity now refers to them as the Monarch 1.0 body
  • Although a thinner body and a thinner, more arched foot, in general the Homme and Monarch bodies have little trouble sharing clothes and shoes.