Nadja R. – Poor little rich girl!

Nadja R. was personally selected to be on Kyori Sato’s team of models after she told La Sato she would talk to her daddy, the big-time Hollywood movie director, about a part for Kyori in a movie (even though she had no intention of doing so.)

Nadja thinks she’s cool. A pathological liar, Nadja loves to tell anyone who will listen that she is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, which gives her special mental abilities over ‘normal’ people. The typical brat in need of constant attention, Nadja feels right at home in Europe, far away from her native California, as long as her millionaire friend Erin Salston is close by.

Always wanting to be seen, Nadja is having a lot of fun with Kyori Sato and Erin – a little too much, actually. Totally fed up with the bad publicity caused by his daughter’s total lack of regard for his status in Hollywood and because of a recent blitz of bad press in various tabloids, her father decided to cut her off and leave her to fend for herself; so until she chooses to tone down, Nadja is totally at Kyori’s mercy.

Best Friends: Erin S.
Foe: Vanessa Perrin and likely “challenged” people (according to her)
Love Interest: It’s raining men, and there’s not enough time!
Mentor and Personal Guide: Her father, although she never listens
Loves: Attention
Hates: Anyone who’s not part of her gang of immediate friends