Veronique Perrin, CEO, W Cosmetics

The child prodigy and extremely beautiful oldest daughter of Count and Countess Perrin of Monaco spent her final formative years at Mademoiselle Jolie’s school in Paris where she was taught all she needed to know to become the perfect little insipid socialite her parents so wanted her to become. Soon after an eye-opening internship at one of Paris’ top cosmetic manufacturers, Veronique’s destiny was clarified the day she decided to found her own beauty corporation. Too smart to simply be content with a life of endless parties and bimbo-like encounters, Veronique’s strong personality and determination would prove to be the very key to her success. Why settle for a simple beauty shop in a mall when you can share your vision with millions of women?

At first uncertain of the path she took, her parents (who were mostly busy making sure her younger sister kept out of trouble) gave Veronique the means to start W. Initially a modest venture, the company was hit by a sudden wave of success when its very first ad campaign, featuring her old friend Kyori Sato, took the world by storm. The firm grew exponentially for its first few years of existence, until one day things had to change. Sick and tired of her friend Kyori’s total lack of respect and constant unexplained absences, Veronique was faced with the necessity of finding someone fresh and new to headline for the company. Desperate and about to miss the most important deadline of her career, Veronique Perrin was relieved when one morning fate smiled on her in the form of Adele Makeda, a boarding school friend she had not seen in years. Originally only meaning to visit Paris for a few days to get away from her diplomatic duties, Adele Makeda would quickly become the hottest ticket in town.

Now, about half a decate after the day that Adele showed up on her doorstep, the company has sustained its rapid growth through the help of Veronique’s many friends such as her dear sister Vanessa, suave Pierre Devries, and movie star Isha. W’s popularity is strongly implanted in pop culture, and the Perrins couldn’t be more proud of their risk-taking daughter!

Best Friend: Adele Makeda
Foe: Natalia Fatale
Love Interest: Pierre DeVries
Mentor and personal Guide: Mademoiselle Margaret Jolie
Loves: Honest and hard working people
Hates: Lies and deception

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High Roller Blond Veronique Perrin

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Line: Fashion Royalty
Sculpt: Veronique 1.0
Body Type: FR Tall
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Blond
Year: 2006
Edition Size: 350
Item Type: IFDC Souvenir
Item Number: 91129