Vanessa Perrin – Another Perrin becomes the “Toast of Paris”!

Five years her cadet, Veronique’s baby sister is a little star-struck at the moment. Much to the Perrins’ disapproval, she showed up on Veronique’s doorstep some time ago with nothing but a suitcase and a head full of dreams.

Veronique loves her sister deeply and wants nothing but the best for her, sometimes expecting a lot for no reason. Veronique has been known to ‘test’ her sister and has taken it upon herself to make sure she succeeds, both as a model and later as a businesswoman of her own, knowing full well that the life of a model isn’t eternal. Vanessa sometimes resents her sister for being so motherly toward her, but would never say so out loud as she is too proud of everything they have accomplished together! Note: Vanessa is a huge fan of movie actress Isha and is always a little intimidated when around her.

Best Friends: Adele Makeda and Isha
Foe: Francisco Leon (no one knows why either)
Love Interest: Has a mild crush on Pierre (who doesn’t?!)
Mentor and Personal Guide: Countess Jerrica Perrin, her mother
Loves: Beautiful couture gowns and her sister’s company
Hates: Drama and paparazzi

Shock Bonbon Vanessa Perrin


Category: 2004 Fall/Winter - Graphic Flirtation Dressed
Line: Fashion Royalty
Sculpt: Vanessa 1.0
Body Type: FR1
Skin Tone: FR White
Hair Color: Blond
Year: 2004
Edition Size: 1200
Item Type: Dealers
Item Number: 91046
Foot Sculpt: FR1 Heeled Foot