Jet set playboy

Born in Madrid, Spain, in a typical upper middle-class Spanish family, Francisco was the pride of his father and therefore a spoiled young man who could do no wrong. As he grew older, however, Francisco’s keen sense of style, passion for partying, and general lack of interest for the car dealership his father owned led the Leons to start wondering about their son’s aspirations in life. His taste in friends and his disruptive partying habits soon became the talk of the neighborhood, convincing Padre Leon to send sonny abroad to finish school; Just so the hearsay surrounding his ‘behavior’ would die down with his absence, allowing the family business to return to normal.

Forced into exile at a French academy for boys near Paris, Francisco just couldn’t stand the life that had been forced upon him and found himself leaving the dormitories every night to go party in nearby Parisian clubs. That is, until he met Pierre DeVries.

Young DeVries, son of a very powerful European industrialist, had been sent to that school for the exact opposites reasons. Pierre’s parents feared that their son’s bookworm ways would cause him to lead a very sheltered life and prevent him from acquiring the necessary skills he would need to eventually take his father’s place at the head of the company. However, little did the DeVries family realize how much of a change would result from this big city exile. Pierre was assigned to become Francisco’s roommate at the school, and the pair would soon hit it off in ways no one expected. Pierre actually turned out to be the only positive factor in Francisco’s life, soon convincing him to look at his life and focus his energies into something else than constant partying. Pierre soon became the only person against whom Francisco wasn’t constantly trying to rebel. Under Pierre’s positive influence, Francisco managed to finish school with high honors and earn his business degree, which helped him purchase the building where he eventually opened Club Leon, the first of a string of extremely popular nightclubs that made Leon a millionaire by the age of twenty-seven.

Unfortunately, DeVries’s influence on Leon quickly faded when Francisco’s taste for money and fame surfaced and he met Darius Reid. Pierre’s constant reminders to ‘think before you act’quickly started to sound like a broken record compared to Reid’s go-getter attitude, and Leon chose to severe the ties. Things wouldn’t stay like this for long, however; and the pair would be reunited in the strangest circumstance after several years of radio silence. While in the middle of a prep session backstage at a special fashion gala that Leon was hosting at Club Libertad (his second club in Paris), a catfight broke out between Missima owner Natalia Fatale and model Vanessa Perrin. Not realizing the other was on the set, the pair of big husky boys rushed to the scene to keep the lioness from scratching out Perrin’s eyes with her nine-inch nails. In an amusing twist, the catfight had broken out after Fatale had accused the make-up artists of foul play: they had chosen not to use Missima eye shadows since they felt they where far inferior to W’s and had said so without shame right to her face. The resulting name-calling quickly escaladed to a shameful display of misplaced ego. For the first time in years, the two had a good laugh afterwards and putting their principles aside, decided to stay in touch.

Now several years since the infamous incident, the two are seen together more and more often, and rumors abound. Why would a millionaire playboy and a sizzling hot photographer spend so much time together? Are they an item? Should we expect an official coming-out soon? But wait, isn’t Leon going out with that famous model what’s-her-name, or is it what’s-her-name again? Isn’t Devries Veronique Perrin’s sweetheart? It just never stops for Francisco Leon, but he’s used to it by now. He knows that it’s better to let the press and his entourage talk all they want. After all, he still has more money and looks hotter than anyone; and in the end, Francisco will do what Francisco wants, as he is numero uno everywhere he goes.

Best Friend: Darius Reid for everyone who asks, but in secret he’d much rather spend some time with Pierre DeVries. (Pierre keeps Francisco in focus.)
Foe: Vanessa Perrin (The two had a bad fling a while back!)
Love Interest: Too many to say out loud without blushing
Mentor and Personal Guide: Pierre DeVries
Loves: Money and fame
Hates: Most people who tell him what to do