A Baroness? Really?!

Agnes, Agnes, Agnes; dear little girl, won’t you ever stop?

Born in West Germany during the latter-half of the Cold War, Agnes Von Weiss (nee Diefendorf) was orphaned at a very young age when her no-good father, her last living relative, was mysteriously taken away in the middle of the night never to be seen again. (Rumor has it that papa Diefendorf had a serious gambling problem). Heartbroken and scared, young Agnes was immediately sent to a local orphanage and was soon adopted by very hopeful and special parents. The original Baron and Baroness Von Weiss, unable to have a child of their own, would have done anything to have a family. Beyond ecstatic at the idea of coming home with that gorgeous little redhead girl with a lively spark in her eyes, the Von Weisses had no idea what they had gotten themselves into when they found Agnes.

Living in the lap of total luxury and attending the best schools in Germany, the Von Weisses provided Agnes with a privileged life, as they simply couldn’t say ‘no’ to little Aggie. However, never quite able to get rid of her early upbringing, Agnes’lack of social finish would constantly catch up to her, and none of the other local children of noble decent took her seriously. Resenting the fact that her peers thought she was a joke- not truly blue blood like they were- Agnes decided to prove everyone wrong. She became a larger-than-life extravagant character and resorted to anything to be invited to major social events, down to paying doormen handsome amounts of money to ‘get in’ where she wanted. Soon, following the untimely death of her adoptive parents in a nebulous car accident, Agnes claimed the ‘Baroness’title for herself, thinking the other nobles would be a little more accepting of her. Much to her disappointment, this never quite happened the way she wanted it to.

A few years later, Agnes still wanting so desperately to fit in high-society, decided to appoint herself official ‘Fashion designer of Royalty’and launched her own high-end brand by hiring as many PR agents, marketing specialists and no-name designers as she could, thinking money was the only thing needed to reap the rewards of fame. Agnes also had the great idea of involving other famous brands in her show to attract more press, not thinking (or is it simply not caring?) that a failure could potentially do great damage to the other companies. Unfortunately, met by some of the worst criticism ever printed, her first collection was a commercial disaster for everyone involved; especially the CEO of Missima Cosmetics, Natalia Fatale, who paid dearly for the loss of a major sum of money she invested in the Baroness’ crazy venture.

Since that fiasco, the Baroness has not been able to stop creating waves. From weird odes to herself written in her diary and left around her office for everyone to peek at, to her love of mirrors and persistence on pretending she is a talented fashion designer, Agnes Von Weiss is definitely not ready to give up just yet. The worst part is that the press has really started to warm-up to the wanna-be noble German socialite and she knows it. Can Agnes really reach for the stars and finally be noticed and respected? Will she manage to strike a sponsorship deal with W Cosmetics and finally add some class to her act? Only time will tell- for now, she’s working hard on her next attention-grabbing scheme!

Best Friend: Herself
Foe: Natalia Fatale hates her guts, but Agnes thinks it’s just a misunderstanding
Love Interest: Herself
Mentor and Personal Guide: Herself
Loves: When the press talks about her every day, good or bad.
Hates: When nobody is looking

Intimate Soiree Agnes Von Weiss


  • The Story!
  • Doll Info
Line: Fashion Royalty
Sculpt: Agnes Von Weiss
Body Type: FR6.0
Skin Tone: Japan
Hair Color: Raven
Year: 2020
Edition Size: 600
Item Type: Convention Collection
Item Number: 91479