Natalia Fatale- She took over… But now she’s out!
(As of December 2006, Natalia 1.0/1.5 was the first retired FR character)

Veronique Perrin knows very little about “La Fatale” and certainly doesn’t understand why she had so much animosity towards her, her company, and her family. Veronique tried to propose joint ventures on several occasions, but Natalia literally laughed at her. All Veronique knows is that Natalia was a top troublemaker and that she is glad she’s finally rid of her, although Veronique, like everyone else, wonders about the true reasons why she was so abruptly dismissed from Missima.

In reality, Puerto Rico-born Natalia Fatale was, in fact, a real social climber who married a womanizer at a very young age in hopes of making it big one day in the world of fashion. For fifteen years, she watched the CEO of a then small and unimportant cosmetic company (a man who soon became her much older husband – twenty years older!) do his best to peddle cheap cosmetics to women all over the world while keeping all his hard-earned money to himself. Natalia, whose aspirations had always been bigger than her husband’s, quickly understood that to make it big at Missima she would have to play hard, but do it quietly. Over the years, she secretly bought more and more stock, always convinced that her irresponsible mate knew nothing about her actions. Fatale soon divorced and managed to oust the gigolo from Missima, only to be thrown out herself by a vengeful Marino after she had revamped the entire company and had made the brand a household name. It turns out Perry Marino only wanted to take a break and have fun with another younger woman, so he needed an excuse to get away from Natalia. In the end, his treachery and deception paid off: he came back to a stronger company without having to deal with Natalia any longer.

Over her years at Missima, La Fatale formed many alliances with the models under her wing, but especially supermodel Kyori Sato, who managed to fool Natalia into giving her more and more power, only to turn on her the minute the going got rough. When Natalia was escorted from the building by security the day she was fired, no one – not even the one she thought was her strongest ally – stood by her.

One thing is for sure: Natalia loved to stir up trouble and attract all the attention she could, come what may. Natalia was truly jealous of the Perrin family because of the one thing she would never be able to have, no matter how much money she amassed: royal status. Also, her total lack of business ethics, poise, and dignity made her the black sheep of Parisian society; and other socialites tolerated her only because she had become insanely rich and could buy and sell them all in the blink of an eye…Those days are certainly gone, or are they? Last we checked, Natalia La Fatale left France for an unknown destination a few hours after she was fired. Perhaps one day we’ll get to find out how someone as cunning as she was so easily defeated by a ruthless businessman: a man she thought she had purged from her life – her husband.

Best Friend: Probably her accountant.
Foe: Every FR character is now considered her enemy.
Love Interest: Money and power.
Mentor and Personal Guide: Herself
Loves: To be talked about and – well – money!
Hates: Anything that has to do with the Perrin family, and now – two-faced people like Kyori Sato
Last appearance: “Capricious”, part of the Miami Collection, Released December 2006

Inner Spark Natalia Fatale


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Line: Fashion Royalty
Sculpt: Natalia 2.0
Body Type: FR2013
Skin Tone: Latino
Hair Color: Black
Year: 2015
Edition Size: 600
Item Type: Convention Collection
Item Number: 91386