A look at the bustier ladies of Integrity

  • Color Infusion 1.0 / 1.5 – The Color Infusion body debuted with the 2012 Style Lab at the Tropicalia Convention. This body was the taller than FR2 by nearly an inch and had larger hands and feet too. This body was used as well for the Jem and the Holograms line. The 1.5 body officially debuted with the 35th anniversary JEM dolls in 2020, but upper from a slightly differently shaped upper arm, I’m unaware of any differences (feel free to let me know!)
  • East 59th 1.0 – The Easy 59th body debuted in 2017 as a shorter, more voluptuous body for the characters of the 1940s. The dimensions of silhouette of the body were intended to stay similar to the previous Victoire body but in the modern Integrity style. This body shares the lower leg and high heel sculpt with The Industry body, like Poppy Parker does.
  • Meteor – The Meteor body debuted with the comeback of the Rupaul Doll “Kitty Girl” before the Meteor line was announced. The body has the same breast plate (upper torso) as East 59th, a modified lower Color Infusion torso (with that amazing rear end), Fashion Royalty arms and upper leg, culminating with a new lower leg and foot sculpt. The foot sculpt has more of an arch than the FR2 – FR6.0 bodies, but is still compatible for shoes.
Color Infusion (1.0/1.5)

  • The Color Infusion 1.0 body was partially explodable (wrists, elbows and knees) and does not share shoes with any other Integrity line of dolls.
  • The Color Infusion 1.5 body is fully explodable (the breastplate will now separate from the lower torso).
Meteor 1.0

  • The Meteor body can share shoes with NuFace 2.0 / 3.0 and FR2 / FR2013 / FR6.0 bodies.
  • The Meteor bust is larger than Color Infusion. CI tops will not always fit a Metoer doll.
East 59th 1.0

  • The East 59th body can share shoes with The Industry girls and Poppy Parker (when she’s got her heeled feet on!)