Kyori Sato – Friend or Foe?

Once Veronique and Adele’s best friend, Japanese-born Kyori Sato simply went bad. Her mysterious disappearances have yet to be explained to the W crew, and her sudden trips to Japan at a pin drop drove Veronique crazy in the final year of their friendship, which finally cracked and fate brought Adele to Veronique’s doorstep.

Frustrated and angry with Veronique for dismissing her, yet unwilling to explain herself, Kyori Sato moved on and immediately began modeling for the rival company, Missima Corporation. Today, Veronique, who normally doesn’t hold grudges, cannot stand Kyori and will do everything to avoid her. Veronique is truly saddened and feels totally betrayed by Kyori; this childhood friendship will never be mended.

Unknown to Veronique and crew, Kyori met Natalia Fatale a year before her dismissal from W while visiting her family in Japan. Natalia immediately spotted the model and told her about her plans to oust her incompetent husband and take control of Missima, promising La Sato big bucks and a brighter future if she brought back a few secrets from her daily meetings at W. Unsure at first if she should betray her childhood friend, Kyori’s greedy side soon took over and answered the call of Natalia, who turned out to be a much better friend than Veronique – or so she thought. Kyori started missing shoots and other important appointments at W to spend more time with Natalia, which eventually led to her unavoidable dismissal by her friend Veronique. Natalia did come through with her promises of fame and fortune by naming Sato Model Coordinator for Missima and giving her total control over her team of models. All Kyori truly wanted was to be the boss after all and she certainly doesn’t care how she got there. Kyori recently turned her back on Natalia and showed very little compassion when the CEO was removed from her post by the Missima board of directors. On the contrary, she laughed off the whole matter and sided immediately with the board to save herself and strengthen her position in the firm.

Kyori has recently “fallen in love” with music mogul Darius Reid and is currently using him for undisclosed plans. Reid is currently so enamored with the model that everyone around them is getting scarred of the potential results if they got married. Kyori Sato is just not the type of woman anyone wants to mess with.

Best Friends: Her models, although none of her friendships are sincere or serious.
Foes: The W crew
Love Interest: Darius Reid
Mentor and Personal Guide: Natalia Fatale for a while, but only listens to her gut feelings; that’s what keeps her on top.
Loves: To stir trouble and cause mischief in public
Hates: goody-goody-two-shoes Vanessa Perrin