Erin S. – Young, Rich and Beautiful

Erin Salston doesn’t know how to take ‘no’ for an answer, so Kyori Sato had to real choice when the time came to hire her for her team.

The richest American woman under age twenty-five, Erin S. (as she likes to be called) buys her image, and every bit of her public persona is calculated. Reared in some of the most prestigious schools in both American and France, Erin doesn’t care for business and money; she just wants to spend it, and it drives her daddy crazy. Erin being his only daughter, Mr. Salston had strong hopes that she would take over the family’s hotel chain after his departure from this world. However, Erin prefers having fun and causing trouble; to her, hotels are just good for room bashing and causing scenes at the bar.

Much to the exasperation of their ultra-rich families, she and best friend Nadja R. left their native Palm Springs a year ago in hopes of a brighter and definitely cooler future in Europe.

Ms. S. doesn’t have any real talent other than knowing whom around her does, and then taking all the credit for it. Rich enough to buy Missima for herself, Erin needs Kyori and Natalia for the moment: They know something about her that she doesn’t want to come out, so she goes along with their little schemes, although she truly enjoys every minute of it. Definitely a heap of trouble for W!

Best Friends: Nadja R.
Foes: Anyone who gets in her way
Love Interest: Herself and she, but sometimes Francisco, even thought he’s way too old for her
Mentor and Personal Guide: Kyori Sato (now that’s scary!)
Loves: Designer clothes and being on the cover of magazines
Hates: Losing her cell phone!