Young and driving enigmatic attitude

Lukas Maverick has quite the little reputation on the streets of London. He’s known as ‘Gorgeous’ for more reasons than one.

Born in Amsterdam, Lukas moved to the UK when he was old enough to have tasted the no-holds-barred culture his native city has to offer. Lukas is well versed in the various arts of physical pleasure and never misses a chance to have fun with someone new. When his family moved to London two years ago, Lukas missed the thrills of his native city and wished he could go back; but that quickly changed when he was head-hunted by Kyori Sato to become the first male on the modeling team of Missima Cosmetics. Lukas doesn’t miss his hometown so much anymore. His taste for mischief and being surrounded by so many cute girls all the time simply took over. For the moment, Lukas is the new and only face of Missima Men, a line of after-shave products that promised to reduce the burning sensation of shaving but has in reality caused more allergic reactions than the Missima chemists care to admit.

Still, Lukas enjoys the attention for now; but his is an unstable persona, and who knows where this young heartthrob will end up next. Will he start hanging out with Pierre and Francisco in Paris? Will he stay put in London? No, no one thinks so. This boy has way too much ambition and wants to take the world by storm!

Best Friend: Whoever’s around right now
Foe: None. (Lukas doesn’t stick around people long enough to make any.)
Love Interest: Hum. Cough. Cough.
Mentor and Personal Guide: Kyori Sato (He views her advice as gold.)
Loves: Pleasure
Hates: When he’s not the focus of attention