Top industry mogul with one thing in mind: success!

Born in Paris in very modest surroundings from a Samoan mother and Nigerian father, Darius Reid learned very early in life that, to go straight to the top, ‘no’ was simply not an acceptable answer to any of his demands. Darius showed from a very early age the signs of high intelligence, excelling at pitting people against one another while making himself look like a knight in shining armor.

Quickly tagged as a troublesome fellow (read bully) by the other kids in the neighborhood because of his tricky ways, Darius started surrounding himself with ‘yes’ people. At age sixteen he slowly started promoting small insignificant bands in underground Parisian clubs and constantly fought with club owners who did not take him seriously because of his young age. Following a string of rejections, Darius began doubting his abilities and his future as a top show biz producer; but soon enough, the situation would make a full 360 when Darius met Francisco Leon, and the pair quickly decided to unite as business partners.

Leon himself a very young entrepreneur at the time who had just opened his very first club in a dingy part of town, was looking for obscure yet trendy acts he would be able to afford to get the buzz going about his new place. Fortunately for them both, at the time small acts was all Darius had to offer – that is, until one day, Club Leon featured a very special band from Germany that Reid had discovered by pure luck. The club became the talk of the underground, and soon mainstream club-goers and fashionistas could not get enough of the place. From that point on, they both knew they’d conjured a powerful recipe for success.

Now, several years since Darius Reid and Francisco Leon first ventured into showbiz together, their success enabled them to practically own the Parisian club scene, including the protection rackets that unavoidably go with the lot. Reid now also owns an up-and-coming recording label and is producing concerts all over the world for the likes of Cold Ice, The Stingers (that obscure band from Germany), Ram, and Stereo Junkyard.

More recently, Darius’ life took an unexpected turn when his partner-in-crime introduced him to the women of Missima at a prestigious music industry event. Finally ‘tamed’ for the first time in years, Darius is now the pawn of model Kyori Sato who, for some strange reason, seems to hold an almost mystical bond over the music producer. His infatuation for the famous Japanese model (who is down right rude to him) is a bit puzzling for most in their entourage. Everyone says, ‘Now look who just can’t say no!’

Best Friend: Francisco Leon
Foe: Darius is naturally very suspicious, so everyone is a potential foe.
Love Interest: Kyori Sato
Mentor and Personal Guide: Darius is a self-made man.
Loves: Making mischief
Hates: When life slows down