• NuFace 1.0 – The NuFace body premiered in 2006 as a younger body than the Fashion Royalty ladies. It has slighter hips and bust.
  • NuFace 2.0 – After a short absence, the Nuface 2.0 body premiered in 2015 with a triumphant return to the line. This version of the NuFace body was styled like the FR2 body but with a slighter silhouette as the previous NF1 body. This body is explodable.
  • NuFace 3.0 – In line with the FR6.0 body in 2017, the NuFace body had the waist joint removed but did not adjust the popular NuFace silhouette.
NuFace 1.0 (NF1.0)

  • The premier of the body brought a slighter and more youthful body to the Integrity catalogue.
  • This body is not cannot be taken apart (explodable)
NuFace 2.0 (NF2.0)

  • The NuFace 2.0 body followed the more modern design of the FR2 body but keeping with the original intent of a more youthful and slighter silhouette.
  • This body is explodable
  • This body has the same foot size as FR2, FR2013, FR6.0
  • Despite being shaped slightly different, it is compatible in size with the Metoer body and can share shoes.
  • The Upgrade Majesty Gisele from 2017 came on the NF2.0 body.
NuFace 3.0 (NF3.0)

  • In 2017, the NuFace body had the waist joint removed in line with the FR6.0 body. No changes to the silhouette were made.
  • This body is explodable and has the same feet properties as the NF2.0 body