Isha – A magnetic screen siren.

Aptly named Bollywood, Bombay is widely recognized as the capital of the Indian cinematic industry. With more high-budget productions coming from its studios than there are movies being made in Hollywood, the Indian movie business is one of the largest on the planet. Movie stars are usually treated like royalty by their fans; however, famed actress Isha (born Isha Kalpana Narayanan) is in a category of her own. Never has the world met a more attractive, sophisticated, and intriguing personality. Capable of making entire crowds respond to her every word, whether on screen or at public appearances, there is something almost hypnotic about Isha’s demeanor. Indeed, always knowing what to say, when to say it, and more importantly how to say it, is a talent that she has mastered like no other. One word and people are under the spell. Some say the hold she seems to have on everyone she encounters is uncanny.

Her arrival in Europe for the launch of her movie, Age of Opulence, led to an unexpected battle of offers between M and W, who both wanted to sign the star for a big ad campaign. Soon realizing M’s totally evil intend, Isha sided with the voice of reason and signed with W, discovering true friends in the process – Veronique Perrin and her sister Vanessa.

Best Friends: Veronique and Vanessa Perrin
Foes: Natalia Fatale and Kyori Sato
Love Interest: Indian actor Arjun Rampal
Mentor and Personal Guide: Alex Mann, writer
Loves: Gorgeous Indian jewelry and the finer things of life
Hates: Bad movies, inexperienced directors, and critics

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  • Poppy Parker
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  • FR White
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  • 2019
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